Sarcoidosis Staging


Staging of sarcoidosis is as follows:

  • Stage 0: Normal chest radiographic findings
  • Stage I: Bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy
  • Stage II: Bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy and infiltrates
  • Stage III: Infiltrates alone
  • Stage IV: Fibrosis

I suppose I am in stage IV as I do have fibrosis…which is really just a fancy way of saying that my lungs are scarred from this disease.

That being said, the staging can be confusing to people. It is NOT like cancer stages. Stage IV sarcoidosis is not a death sentence.

The staging in sarcoidosis really only has to to with radiography and not necessarily with how a patient feels.

The staging can sometimes help doctors predict if the disease will be more chronic in nature based on what is seen on the imaging.


4 thoughts on “Sarcoidosis Staging

  1. Peter D

    The staging only relates to lungs – not other forms of sarcoid. In the UK it’s not generally used. Really love your website – so much quality material and observations. I have had chronic sarcoid for decades – lungs, lymphs, skin and most upsetting the bone marrow. A hard battle but we keep on going. There are a couple of excellent UK facebook support groups if they are of interest. Best wishes and keep on going!


    1. Hi Peter – The staging in the US gets people so confused because the docs here casually mention it and then don’t explain it! I wanted to have the info somewhere where people could better understand it. You and I have sarcoid in all the same places…bone marrow for me too! It’s rare in the marrow. So glad you like the blog! Thanks for taking the time to read it and reply. I really need to write again…haven’t for awhile…Life got in the way but I have a few in my head ready to be written!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Peter Devonald

    Great to see you writing again – really very positive. I shared the blog on a sarcoid facebook group and lots of positive statements – such a great resource.

    I wonder with bone marrow if they just don’t test for it so much? Otherwise – good to be rare of the rare disease! Keep going with all you are doing, it is very impressive indeed. Hope you are keeping as well as possible x

    Liked by 1 person

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