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What exactly is sarcoidosis?

Medically speaking, sarcoidosis is a systematic inflammatory disease for which there is no known cause and no known cure.

Here’s what sarcoidosis really is…

Sarcoidosis is the immune system throwing a temper tantrum. It’s rude, kicking and screaming through your body with unbelievably annoying force. It wants its way even if what it wants isn’t good for it or the rest of you. It is the immune system having a massive outburst. It stubbornly acts in defiance of good behavior.

Sarcoidosis is a mystery wrapped in a puzzle. It is a medical conundrum that doesn’t seem all that interesting to the research community to solve because even though sarcoidosis is rare, it is not a gem. Solving the sarcoidosis riddle won’t bring in the big bucks so, the joke remains on those of us who have the disease and, the punchline isn’t exactly hilarious when being the butt of a joke involves the quality of your life.

Sarcoidosis is an immune system “on steroids”. The funny thing here is that while people use the expression, “on steroids”, to communicate that something is amped up, that it is bigger, faster and stronger than the norm, sarcoidosis is a disease that is both this and sometimes literally on steroids. The irony in that is pretty rich and that is how you tell a real sarcoidosis joke!

Sarcoidosis is the schoolyard bully of inflammatory disease. The immune system is set off for no good reason and picks on whatever organ it wants. It enjoys a good brawl. It is mean. It badgers and weakens the body without regard for the consequences. It is intimidating, as it laughingly pummels the dignity right out of you, stealing your health and sense of well-being.

Sarcoidosis is the immune system exploding like a terrorist bomb inside your body. It is sneaky. It comes out of nowhere. The intelligence on it is often missed or understood too late to stop the attack. It is incredibly scary and it leaves you on edge wondering when and where the next attack will occur. Your feeling of safety and security gone forever.

Sarcoidosis is a copycat. It mimics other disease behaviors, like lupus, cancer and MS to name a few. It confounds the medical community with its wanna be lab results and imaging. Because sarcoidosis is such a good impersonator, it can only be properly diagnosed by exclusion and a biopsy. It is a master of disguise, a very skilled impressionist. Its trickery and illusion, a constant head scratching confusing manifestation of peculiar symptoms. It is a mean misunderstood mystery of a malady.