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I’m a crime victim.

I’ve been robbed. Sarcoidosis has robbed me of my career, my confidence, my brain power and my physical strength. It has stolen my air and without my permission, it has attempted to take my passion for life.

I’ve been beaten. Sarcoidosis has tackled and battered my drive and it has pummeled my will. It has whacked at my dreams and it has thrashed my creativity. It has pounded my relationships.

I’ve been stabbed. Sarcoidosis has punctured my body with vague unrelenting pain. It has skewered my energy and gored my aspirations. It has jabbed at my peace and lunged at my serenity.

I’m a crime victim.

My attacker is my disease.

Sarcoidosis is not a victimless crime. Its destructive reach goes well beyond my body. It impacts every area of my life. Like all violent crimes, it has a ripple effect. It has isolated me from my former self forever.