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  1. It feels like someone lit a match in my lungs every time I breath.
  2. I have a very limited amount of energy so if it seems like I’m doing well when you see me, that’s because you are where I am putting that energy.
  3. Looking good does not always mean feeling good. 
  4. I have lost confidence because my body and my brain no longer work properly. 
  5. Having a chronic health condition is often very lonely because you suddenly spend a lot of time alone…trying to keep up can be too overwhelming. 
  6. Travel is no longer comfortable. My world is shrinking and that scares me.
  7. It takes me a long time to physically recover from illness or injury. 
  8. I despise being chronically ill. 
  9. I often try to hide my pain because it makes me feel weak and helpless and I don’t want you to see or think of me that way. 
  10. Having this disease is very hard but it is not the end of the world. I still love my life.