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I’ve wanted to write for awhile but my thoughts have been crowded and my mind plugged up by too much political nonsense. The fear mongering and name calling have been beyond outrageous. Social media is full of useless fury. No one has ever changed their mind from a Facebook fight. People have lost the art of reasoned discourse. Everyone is “all in” one way or another and it seems to me that we have generally stopped thinking for ourselves or thinking at all. I’m not afraid this country is worse than it was eight years ago, I’m afraid it’s worse right now. I’m afraid for all of us as I watch politicians skillfully turn feelings into facts and shove them down our throats. Facts suddenly mean nothing. Fear, loathing, shock and dread are clouding our ability to reason, to consider what we hear with a critical ear.

I fully admit that I’m distracted. I am preoccupied by all the political noise. I am disheartened and distraught by all the madness I see, read and hear. I don’t understand what happened to respect. Just this week someone, who I don’t know and never met, called me “morally inconsistent” because of what they assumed I believe politically on social media. Upon further examination of this person’s comment, I was being lumped in with what this person believes about an entire political party and there was no way this person could have known if I belonged to that party or not. Therein lies the rub. We have dumbed ourselves and numbed ourselves to such a point where everything is all one thing or another. We have lost the ability to discern that most things in life, most issues that are important to all of us, healthcare, poverty, our safety….they are far more complicated than being all this way or that way and I thought we as a people were too. My mistake.

This is not a political post. I honestly do not care what political party someone belongs to. I don’t even care who someone is going to vote for. I am however, exhausted and I can’t believe other people aren’t also. Can’t we get past the attempts to feel intimidated by half truths and just focus on helping each other make this country a better place no matter what our differences might be? When did we lose the ability to find middle ground? When did compromise become a dirty word and a faulty concept? Why are we so dead set against finding a happy medium that we can all live with? What is wrong with a little give and take? When did bargaining and finding balance become weak? Why is sometimes practicing concession suddenly a bad thing? I’m tired of hearing that I’m good because I belong to a particular political party and someone else is bad or that I’m bad for the same reason…it’s just a vicious circle of useless vitriol and it does nothing to bring about real change or lasting solutions for the betterment of all.

I feel like I’ve been taken hostage by this political season, turned into a pod person from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I hate the constant feeling of doom and gloom being thrown at me like a pile of dog poop by bullies on the playground. I just want it to stop. I don’t want to be distracted by all the ugly rhetoric tossed at us day after day, hour after hour. I want my life back. I want my mind freed of all the goopy nonsensical, factitious, mind numbing noise. Maybe now that I have said my peace, spoken from my heart and used rational thought to get there, I can untether myself from the noise and focus on constructive things.