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More often than not, I try to avoid certain divisive topics when I write my blog but in the wake of what happened in Orlando, Fl and the ensuing political nonsense that followed, I feel compelled to say something. Terror, no matter its form, seeks to molest our way of life and erode our sense of security. It seeks to alienate us from feeling free and it wants to destroy our confidence that we are safe. We do not need leaders who also feed this alienation.

In the wake of tragedy, we need leaders who provide us comfort through our collective grief and who lift us out of fear. We need leaders who bring us together and bind us on our hope for a better tomorrow. We need leaders who speak with clarity about our values as a nation, in ways that allow us to maintain some level of dignity during difficult times. We do not need leaders who seek to isolate us from each other for their own political gain. We do not need leads who use a tragedy like what happened in Orlando, to further alienate us from the rest of the world over silly arguments about semantics that only promote racist ideas.

As a country founded on the idea that all men are created equal and the principle that what we have to offer is a better way of life, means as citizens of this nation, we have a responsibility to hold our leaders accountable to these values. We are a nation of free people. We have the right to disagree. We will not see every issue the same way. This is to be expected in a free society but what is not expected and what cannot be abided, what we the people should not tolerate, no matter our political ideology, are leaders that seek to wedge us further apart in our differences. Shame on us if this is what we allow.

I am horrified and pained by the evil that ripped through the lives of innocent people in Orlando. I am deeply saddened for the senseless loss of life and for the lives forever changed because of what happened. I am also profoundly embarrassed that this tragedy is being used as an opportunity by some of our political leaders to further split us, to incite fear, to promote hate, to alienate us from the rest of the world and to do nothing more that throw salt into very painful, very gaping, very fresh wounds.