Sweet Time


My husband and I were walking our dogs this morning…yup that’s right another post about my dogs…but stick with me…I think something good will come of it. Anyway, my husband who is a ball of nervous energy himself, was walking our younger dog and I was walking our 13 1/2 year old. They were ahead of us most of the walk and every once and awhile they would slow down and wait for us to catch up but inevitably we’d slow down again or they’d speed up and we’d be separated again.

Part of the reason the dog I was walking was slower is age related sure, but as I watched her, I realized something. She just likes taking her sweet time. You know the expression that we should “stop and smell the roses?” Well, my old dog was stopping to sniff the mailboxes, which I think is fairly equivalent for a dog, right? It was as if I was getting a lesson in how to appreciate the here and now from a wise old Jedi Master.

She really was enjoying her walk. As I watched her, I noticed that she didn’t take one step for granted. She savored every single one of them. She’d even stop and look around her once and awhile and occasionally put her face toward the sun and her nose in the air sniffing out all those disgustingly wonderful dog smells. She’d pick up dead dry worms and chow down. What I noticed most of all is that she was happy. I could tell she felt a certain contentment that we so often miss in the busy haste of our social media lives.

This reminded me that there is something to the whole idea of dialing it down a bit, to tuning in and paying attention to the only thing in front of us. Something magical happens when we take our sweet time and we relish in simple pleasures, we begin to appreciate life on a deeper level because we are no longer chasing it…instead we are living it. Life is meant to be cherished. It is meant to be relished and you can’t do this when you’re on the move.

My old dog reminded me today that taking your sweet time isn’t best way to live. It’s the only way to live because, it is the only way that you can truly take notice in the vivid detail of the world around you.


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