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There are times in life when grief, sometimes explainable and sometimes harder to understand, takes hold. During these times there is a hollowing out of the heart and an emptying of the soul. It’s a time when hope is drained and sorrow seeps in. Exhausted of all desire, energy becomes lost. These times strip bare reasoned thinking and ideas become dull and redundant. Times of grief, however long they might be, evaporate joy and gratitude tends to wane.

While it is difficult to be in the mist of a hollowed out place, these holes, these gaps in the spirit’s strength, are actually opportunities to practice letting go, to learn acceptance and to reach for an inner courage. They are times to exercise faith in what is yet to be revealed and engage the delicate art of trusting what cannot be controlled. Therefore hollowed out places are necessary places, for without the grief that creates them, grace cannot be understood and dignity is lost.