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Laura wedding 022

A mother’s love is something special, given freely and without expectation. A mother’s love is fierce and proud and often boasting. No one knows us like our mother. She knows about our secrets before we do.

A mother’s love is boundless and brave and faithful. A mother’s love comes from her wisdom and her good common sense. In our most troubled moments, it is our mother who knows the answer to our problems and encourages us to face our fears.

A mother’s love is guiding and example setting and full of insightful care and counsel. A mother’s love is enlightening, instructive and inspiring. When we are lost and unsure of what to do, it is our mother who is our beckon and our source of strength.

A mother’s love is gracious and kind and full of compassion. A mother’s love is respectful and dutiful and devoted. A mother’s love comes from her deep understanding of loyalty and allegiance to the purpose and value of family. It is a mother’s heart that holds these relationships together.

A mother’s love is unyielding and without end. A mother’s love never dies.