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During difficult times, I like to think about the power of the sun and how it gives us light and makes things grow. It almost seems like magic how it transforms death into new life by its constant presence every spring. It makes me realize how small I am and puts my troubles in perspective.

Whenever I feel down, I contemplate all the colors of nature and wonder of our animal kingdom. There are so many deep greens and vibrant plants and flowers and crazy creatures. I like to think about the sloth or the giant coconut crab or the red panda. Beings who are far more amazing than I could ever be. I then begin to realize little is worth my sorrow for the world is full of wonder.

Sometimes if I don’t know what to do, I look up at the night sky and take in the glory of a starry night and the madness of a full moon. It is then I realize how small I am. I know that whatever I do will have little consequence in the bigger picture. I need only follow my conscious and my heart to know what is right and good and just.

If ever there is a time I forget to be humble, I need only marvel at the grace of a penetratingly beautiful blue sky or the ramble of a winding and then raging river to know something far greater than me is at work in this world…bigger and much wiser than I could ever be.