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It’s a funny thing this sarcoidosis, because ever since my diagnosis, people are compelled to tell me how good I like. This used to bother me. It made me feel like they were not validating my experience, that they didn’t understand how badly I was feeling and I used to get a little miffed…sometimes a lot miffed frankly.

Over time and as I have adjusted to life with a chronic condition, I don’t get upset about someone’s impulse to tell me that I look good…which is to say that I don’t look sick. Instead, I now take it as a complement. It means I am wearing my disease well and I am able to maintain some appearance of normalcy and this is actually important for my fight against what this disease tries to take from me.

I also realize a few other things about comments about my appearance. I realize that often people simply don’t know what to say so they say awkward clumsy things in a feeble attempt to be encouraging. The reality is, that until I got sarcoidosis, I probably did the same thing. Most people don’t mean to be condescending. And if someone is actually making comments about my appearance in a dismissive way, with malice in their heart, because they are being judgement about what they know thing about…well…that’s their problem not mine. I need not waste my time or energy in anger.