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“There is no such thing as an ending; just a place where you leave the story.”  – The Second Best Marigold Hotel 

I absolutely loved this quote when I heard it. It got me thinking about life and how it ebbs and flows and that it is really a fluid thing. How each of our lives today, right now, has a lasting impact somewhere else forever and even when we leave the story, this is what allows the story to continue without our physical presence.

Sometimes when I think about leaving the story, I get sad because it means I’ll be leaving those I love the most but, if the legacy I leave is a positive one, if the journey I chose to take was one of compassion and strength and love and peace and kindness, then I will at least leave when my part is over, knowing that I left the story better than I found it.

There is a lasting effect to the life we live on others, on the future and the past. No matter how big or small our life is, what we do with it matters because our journey is a chapter in a much bigger story. The beauty of our life, our individual life, is that we get to write that chapter but whatever we write, whatever we do, sets history and defines what is to come for others, so the example we set is important.

Despite my own sorrow, for what I know I will miss when it’s time for me to leave, there is a comfort in knowing the story goes on without me. There is something hopeful in it, something that keeps me connected despite my obvious absence. Others will carry the story when it is their time and write new chapters and have adventures beyond my wildest dreams. There is a great anticipation in knowing this…that there is more to come and that there always will be.

Right now though, I have a duty. I have a responsibility to review my own chapter, my place in history, because with every life comes the opportunity to take inventory, to examine the example we are setting and if need be, to edit. All I can really hope to do now is to live nicely and love well, so that when it is my time to leave the story, I will be remembered kindly and with grace and that something good will come of what I have left behind.