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I’ve been a little absent with my blog. I’ve been a little MIA in my writing. I’ve been a little blank in my thinking. Sometimes, I feel as though there is nothing new to say, so sometimes I feel like being quiet is the answer. Other times I am blank because my mind lacks motion and I cannot get my thoughts organized.

I’m feeling that way now. My mind is here, there and everywhere but it is also nowhere at all. I have a thought, a brilliant moment of realization and then, it flits away and I realize that it probably wasn’t all that brilliant to begin with or I would have remembered it. Sigh…

So quiet seems the way to be…to try to be still with the mixed up madness in my head. Quiet seems the answer when I feel redundant and somewhat irrelevant. It’s hard feeling irrelevant, disconnected from myself but sometimes this is my reality…a feeling of lost disillusionment with my own mind, a lack of brain power, slowed and sluggish thinking.

Sometimes it seems like quiet is the only thing that restores my broken thoughts, so quiet I shall be..for now.