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At first it’s like a gentle breeze that sways the curtain and cools the room. It’s comforting and easy and feels like it will go on that way forever.

Then, clouds begin to roll in. They are puffy and white at first, no cause for concern, pretty even, their bright white against a sparkling blue sky.

Slowly and without warning, the clouds begin to darken and soon they fill the sky. The sun becomes obscured by their ominous presence.

The breeze picks up and the temperature drops. It’s time to close the window because it’s no longer cool, now it is cold.

The rain comes, at first only lightly, more like a mist really, hardly noticeable from the naked eye but the dampness sets in.

The clouds thicken as mist turns to drops and drops turn to sheets. Puddles begin to form and the damp air becomes a bone chilly wetness.

It seems the storm will never pass. The sky is black as night with clouds so low they nearly cover the ground now.

A saturated earth becomes flooded, as thunder rumbles in the distance and lightening sparks the sky with jagged spikes of blinding light.

What happened to that comforting gentle breeze and how did it turn into such a powerfully unpredictable frigid storm, clapping and piercing and flooding and cold?

Nothing to do but wait it out and hope it passes soon.