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Most things fade. They turn to grey or deteriorate to dust. Most things wane. They shrink or dwindle. Most things weaken. They wither or wrinkle. Most things ebb. They retreat or pull back. Most things abate. They decline or let up. Most things moderate. They soften or grow boring. Most things deflate. They shrink or decay. Most things blanch. They become pale and bleached. Most things die. They expire or perish. 

One thing grows stronger. It is fierce and intense. One thing remains powerful. It is unstoppable and without end. One thing is true. It is potent and forever. One thing is secure. It is unbreakable. It does not bend. One thing is spirited. It remains deep and rich and bright. One thing is dazzling. It is vivid. It is vibrate. It is passionate. One thing is indomitable. It is invincible, courageous and brave. One thing is unshakeable. It is solid and unyielding. One thing is…my love for you.