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Here is what I do know:

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It’s important that I tell my husband I love him every day but especially on days he leaves for work.

Watching the sunrise helps me remember how small I really am.

Forgiveness allows me to sleep at night.

When I point the finger at someone…three fingers are pointing back at me.

If I feel isolated it is usually my own fault.

How I respond to hardship is up to me.

It is harder to find real friends than it is to fall in love.

You can learn a lot about what’s really important in life by watching a dog.

Regrets are useless if you don’t change because of them.

Happiness is not a place…it is a decision.

I don’t always know where I am going but I try to enjoy the journey anyway.

Being “right” is underrated.

I’d rather try to be kind first and always in my actions and in my thinking.

Complaining is boring.

Jumping to conclusions usually gets me in trouble.

Gratitude is the key to my serenity.

Sometimes bad stuff just happens and we never know the reason why.

I know I have it better than most.

You should do nice things for other people without keeping score.

Freedom requires responsibility.

I don’t have to say every thing I think.

I will never know more about computers and electrics than my husband does.

Laughter is good medicine for what ails you.

There is never enough time…