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I’ve said before that generally, I avoid the topics of religion and politics by design yet as I get ready to go vote today, it being “Super Tuesday” and all, I can’t help but really think that there this nothing super about it. There is nothing super about it because there is not one candidate on either side of the aisle who will mend America’s brokenness. There is not one candidate that can unite us.

Generally I consider myself a well informed American. I pay attention to what goes on in the news and I pay attention to what goes on on both sides of the aisle in American politics. I am not blinded by my party’s views. I am not a sheep following the crowd. I remain a person who thinks clearly and objectively for myself on the issues that matter most in this country.

As I have watched what has gone on this political season, I am shocked and horrified to observe what appears to be a tsunami of bigotry, a vile acceptance of and even an encouragement of racism, a lack of enlightenment and a confound ignorance that is dangerous but apparently all too real. I have come to the conclusion that what I see happening, at least in part, is the backlash of having an African American president for the last eight years and frankly no matter what you think of Obama’s politics, what I see disgusts me. It demonstrates a profoundly disturbing absence of progress in our ability to move beyond the worst of ourselves and it makes me sad to be an American.

For me there is been nothing amusing about watching the political circus that has unfolded in front of us. The name calling, the lying, the anger, the childishness, the immaturity and the provincialism have been shameful, appalling and beyond embarrassing and all of it has been anything but presidential. So, as I get ready to go cast my vote, which I believe is a responsibility we all carry no matter how we might feel about a particular election, I do so with a heavy heart and a deep sadness because of my utter disappointment in the lack of presidential qualities set before me. I will vote today because I should but it won’t be easy and I will not be excited about it, I will not be proud and I will not be encouraged. Instead today, I vote with fear for our future and there is nothing super about that.