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I’ve recently heard a couple of comments about how we attract the energy we put out. I’m not so sure this is always the case. I think there are just a lot of unhappy people all around us all the time, people who make hating a hobby, and it isn’t so much about the energy that we put out as it is about how many people are just plain miserable.

Misery is toxic. We might not be the ones who are miserable but when we are subjected to it, it can bleed into us like a leech, sucking all the joy right out of us. I find it so important to guard against those who are chronically discontented. These people are destructive and they seek to spread their lack of satisfaction upon us.

To me, it isn’t so much the energy I “put out” but how I choose to respond to the miserable that matters. I am not obligated to feel these dejected people’s pain and instead I respond to them with kindness and good cheer. This usually kills whatever viral melancholy they aim to spread because chronically negative people, have no idea how to react in the face of the warm glow of peaceful serenity. They usually turn their bitter hard hearted hearts elsewhere and go try to find someone more susceptible to infect.

Life is too precious, too quick and sometimes already hard enough, to spend it wasted on those who want to burden us with their mournful gloom. Misery only loves company so it can scatter like unwanted weeds, seeking to stifle the growth of an otherwise beautiful garden. It’s a destroyer and the people suffering from it the vessel by which it spreads. Whenever these weed like people  pop up in my garden, I pick them as fast as I can because I want to keep my garden growing in the lovely glow of a wonderfully bright and bountiful sunlight.