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“Ideas are bigger than men.” – unknown

I heard this quote or something similar recently. I can’t remember where or if this is exactly what I heard but it’s close. I wanted to write the quote down when I heard it but I wasn’t near a pen and paper. It struck me as important to remember for some reason.

I think that if ideas are bigger than men than ideas are also more important than men. Ideas are what make men. Ideas drive men to action, for better or worse.

So, ideas are important.

We can heal with ideas or hurt with them.

We can create with ideas or destroy with them.

We can enlighten with ideas or misinform with them.

We can add to ideas or ruin them.

We can grow with ideas or be stifled by them.

We can inform with ideas or we can deceive with them.

We can be freed by ideas or be caged by them.

Ideas are bigger than men but it is men who must decide how to carry them out.