Finding Reasons To Celebrate

Yesterday was my baby dog’s 2nd birthday. I hung a happy birthday banner and I got her a birthday hat and presents and I took a TON of pictures. DSC_0045

I know that my husband thought I was crazy. And from the outside looking in, I can see where that might be the case…after all she is just a dog and wouldn’t understand the concept of a birthday, right?

But I have to say that I had an exceptional day. First of all, the weather was wonderful – 70 degrees and sunny and that certainly helped. Beyond that though, I was just in a good mood. I found myself smiling all day for no real reason. I had all my usual aches and pains from my sarcoidosis, but I was focused on being joyful. I was focused on the love I feel for my dog and I was full of gratitude for her life.

You see, she has a very serious heart condition called sub aortic stenosis. It is not operable and it puts her at risk for sudden death. There is also a chance that it could shorten her life but on her birthday I did not worry about that or even really think about it. I did not worry or even think about my own disease, instead I was engrossed in pure unadulterated happiness laced with carefree unconditional love.

This is when it hit me. It is important to find things to celebrate every day in an ordinary day. Life is too short to focus on what we cannot control. Celebrating life for what it is…what a blessing. Choosing to seek joy…what a gift. So I just want to thank my beautiful fur baby for giving me a gift on her special day.



3 thoughts on “Finding Reasons To Celebrate

  1. yourfriendbettyjk

    It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t understand the concept of birthdays, she does understand the concept of extra attention, and you enjoy celebrating life; so it’s a win win. Good for you! And good for her being so patient and allowing you to put a birthday hat on her (so cute)!

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