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Acceptance starts with reality. It starts with looking the truth in the face and being willing to take the pain, the uncertainty, the regret and the sorrow for what it is. Acceptance starts with being practical. It starts with seeing the bad with the good and knowing both can exist in the same space, at the same time.

The beginning of acceptance is the start of clear sighted thinking. It is full truth about that which is hard to face, but being accepting is not being weak. It is not being negative or failing to have faith. It is not lacking trust in good things to come. Acceptance is not giving in to bad things, it is acknowledging them, in order to move beyond them.

In order to change, in order to grow beyond the stagnation of pain, sorrow, regret and fear, we first have to see that this is where we are. Sure, it’s difficult but at least it is honest. The beginning of acceptance comes at a price but it is well worth the cost because the price we pay for denial is what causes the most pain.

The beginning of acceptance takes bravery. It takes a desire to reach into the darkness and shine a light on embarrassment and shame. It requires us to reconcile our regrets and make amends. It forces us to acknowledge our deepest fears.

Acceptance is hard work.

But, the beginning of acceptance is the answer to all of life’s challenges. It is letting go of false control and recognizing that we are exactly where we need to be. The beginning of acceptance is a confusing journey for which there is no map other than total truth and brutal honesty. And, honesty and truth are not always pretty.

The beginning of acceptance is messy. It unearths our deepest sorrows in order to weed them out but the beginning of acceptance is like starting a new garden with fresh seeds. It heals us, gives us light and allows us to grow in new and profound ways. The beginning of acceptance is the beginning of serenity and peace.