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We wake up every day only to push away the darkness of the previous night’s foggy dreams. We start the day with high hopes, never allowing ourselves to indulge that quiet creeping feeling of life’s unpredictable mix of cruel and sometimes tender mercies.

Deep within our core, we live with the unspoken dread of what we cannot control and of what we cannot know. We try to live as normally as we can in the knowledge that our life is not really our own…at least not for as long as we’d like it to be.

Life is, in a word, incomprehensible. We try to find meaning through family and work and the relationships we build. These ties bind us and we make them matter. They have to matter. We would not know love if they didn’t, but the gravity of what we do not understand, what we cannot know, secretly weighs on us.

Facing every day with the deep insecurity of life’s hold over us, is difficult…but not impossible. We find the strength to face it, not simply through the bonds we have built but through an inexplicable feeling, an intuition, a faith. We have faith, however each of us chooses to define it, that the bonds we build, the choices we make, the good we do matters. We sense that despite all of the uncertainly, there is still some purpose to it all, some meaning in the madness.

Faith after all, is believing in things unseen. It is trusting when there is no reason to trust. It is believing in the good despite the bad. It is this faith that guides us. It is our personal intuition should we choose to listen to it, that brings us mercy and gives us strength to face that murky uncertainty called life.