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Someone recently asked me to pick a word for the new year. I thought long and hard about it but only one word came to mind and stayed there. It was the word strength.

At first I was thinking that I wanted to spend the year working on getting physically stronger especially from a set back I had in November of 2015 from a grade 2 ankle sprain. I’ve been laid up for several weeks and only now with the help of a brace, am I able to move more freely.

This stagnation has made me frail. It has weakened me. I hope to get back on my feet, literally, soon. But as I think about the word strength, I realize that there is more than one way to be strong. I can be weak in one way and strong in another.

My spirit is strong even when my body is weak. My spirit carries me when my body cannot. My spirit feeds my soul. It lifts me up and helps me to carry on. I’d be lost without my spirit. Little can weaken it. It shields me from despair.

So, while I’d like to be physically stronger in the coming year…I am already fierce. I am already tough. I am already powerful because my spirit is indestructible.