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I once had a, for lack of a better word, critic tell me that my blog is “schizophrenic” and that I sound like a “crazy person” who has “serious mental illness” because one day I write about the joy and beauty of life and the next I am writing about the depths of pain and loss living with a chronic condition.

This so called critic felt the need to explain to me that I don’t seem to have a “good grasp” on things and that I should “take a break” from my writing because I make no sense.

Here’s how I know my writing is on to something, it touched a nerve with this self appointed judge and jury of my words. The reality of life, not just life with a chronic condition, but life in general, is that it is both sad and wonderful. It is both glorious and gloomy. Life is complex. It is not static. It does not move in a straight line.

My blog is full of gratitude because, despite whatever hardships have come my way, I do know that life is astounding in its grace. I know that to live truly and completely, without hesitation or reservation, is a gift beyond measure. I cherish this gift.

I also know that life can be arduous. A real life, an honest life, comes with challenge. It can be weary at times and to write only about one and not the other is not telling the whole story. It is disingenuous. It is untruthful. It is deceitful.

So if my detractor wants to call me “crazy” for being sincere, so be it. Let my critic, my fault-finder insult the insane with her misguided judgement of my work. My blog is a labor of love. I write for myself but I speak for those who cannot find the words to express the complexities of life’s duality.

I know what I write is real.