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A couple of weeks ago I sprained my ankle. It has been a frustrating challenge…physically painful and mentally draining. Yet, the experience has presented some interesting opportunities for personal growth.

These unfortunate situations, do give us choices. In my case, the choice is to be miserable because of my current limitations from the sprain or to be grateful for my air cast and my cane.

My sprain has me focused on things I take for granted. The simple act of walking is now a chore. I won’t take this act for granted again any time soon.

I have a couple of new pairs of cute boots. I bought them shortly before I sprained my ankle, in anticipation of winter. I was excited about wearing them. I won’t be wearing them any time soon. I’m bummed about that but they will be fresh for next winter and I won’t have to buy any new ones for awhile so I’ll save some money at least!

Perspective becomes important when you suddenly lose the ability to do simple things like putting on your pants standing up! Perspective becomes important when you realize that you need help and have very few people close by who you can count on. Perspective becomes important whenever your patience is tested.

I guess what I am saying is that the inconvenience of a sprained ankle certainly reinforces the idea that taking things in stride is a far better way to live than to be bogged down by what can’t be controlled and attitude is often the only thing we can control.

So, instead of being angry that I can’t walk very well or that I have to sit down to dress, or that I can’t wear my cool new boots, I will be grateful that I have time to heal. I will look forward to wearing my cool new boots another time and I will accept the lessons that come from this experience.

I am learning patience. I am learning to let go of control. I am learning to ask for help…at least sometimes. I am learning unvacuumed rugs  won’t kill me. I am reminded that no matter what happens, I can choose how I respond to it.