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I can think of more than a thousand reasons for loving my husband…but I don’t want my readers to get too jealous so I’ll just list 100…in no particular order:

  1. He makes me laugh – a lot
  2. He tells me he loves me first most of the time
  3. Kindness is important to him
  4. He lives by his values
  5. He likes romantic comedies
  6. He likes to shop
  7. I always feel secure when he is near
  8. He fights fair
  9. He doesn’t hold a grudge
  10. He knows what is really important
  11. He loves his sheepdogs like they are his children
  12. He’s got a great voice even though he can’t sing
  13. The older he gets the more handsome he becomes
  14. He puts my needs before his own when he knows I need him to
  15. He doesn’t raise his voice
  16. He holds my hand as we fall asleep at night
  17. When I have a nasty coughing spell and I cannot breath, he rubs my back and eases my fear
  18. He accepts others as they are
  19. He practices his faith
  20. He carries himself with dignity
  21. He is truly interested in other people
  22. I’ve never known him to be selfish
  23. He likes my cooking
  24. He did not fail me when I got sick
  25. He gives me space when I need it
  26. He takes good care of himself  – exercises, eats right, etc…
  27. He has self respect
  28. When there is a job to be done, he sees it through
  29. He’s charitable
  30. He tolerates my independent spirit
  31. He doesn’t want to change me
  32. He’s fun to play tennis with
  33. He says thank you – a lot
  34. He’s respectful to my family
  35. He loves his family
  36. He knows who he is
  37. He’s grateful for what he has
  38. He helps me take myself less seriously
  39. There is no one I would rather be around
  40. He’s humble
  41. He remembers our anniversary
  42. He holds his breath when he watches the Chicago Blackhawks play
  43. Wherever he is…is home to me
  44. He’s consistent and reasoned in his thinking
  45. I am a better person when I am around him
  46. My life is more interesting because of him
  47. He likes me
  48. We never run out of things to talk about
  49. He’s loyal to his friends
  50. He honors his parents
  51. I can say with certainty that we are partners
  52. I never doubt his love
  53. My life is blessed because of him
  54. He encourages me to take care of myself
  55. He loved my mother
  56. He’s my biggest fan
  57. He trusts me
  58. We walk through life together
  59. He calls our home “The Compound”
  60. He doesn’t think he is better than other people
  61. Bigotry disgusts him
  62. He helps with chores when I don’t feel good and doesn’t complain about it
  63. He might actually have more shoes than I do
  64. He’s got a great smile
  65. Whenever I see him, I still get butterflies
  66. I know I will never fall out of love with him
  67. Loving him is easy
  68. We communicate well
  69. We think alike when it counts
  70. Hanging out with him doing nothing is fun
  71. He loves his sound system
  72. There has never been a time when he has made me feel small
  73. He taught me the benefit of a good nap
  74. He thinks its important that I know how to change a tire
  75. He mows the lawn and takes care of our koi pond
  76. We rarely fight over stupid things
  77. He’s a planner
  78. While he’s been accused of being cheap, he’s actually smart with money
  79. He helps me lighten up
  80. He’s an excellent dog groomer
  81. I look forward to every minute I spend with him
  82. Whenever my phone rings and I see it’s him, I smile
  83. I have tons of happy memories because of him
  84. My life is complete because of him
  85. He’s adorable when he plays with the dogs
  86. I like that he’s the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning
  87. My house is a home because of his love
  88. He puts up with my hot headed Italian temper
  89. He doesn’t like yelling
  90. He respects women
  91. Our love grows stronger with every passing day
  92. He doesn’t take himself too seriously – most of the time
  93. He’s always striving to learn new things
  94. He faces his fears
  95. There’s no one else I’d rather walk on the beach with
  96. He’s practical
  97. He has good taste
  98. He reminds me to turn off the lights when I leave the room
  99. No one knows me better
  100. He is honest