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I have recently come to the conclusion that doing the right thing often means doing the less easy thing. If doing the right thing were easy, we would not have to deliberate about what it means or how to go about it. If doing the right thing were always easy, it would come naturally but sometimes it doesn’t.

There are times when doing the right thing, requires deep personal reflection. It becomes an opportunity to take inventory of our own motives and search our hearts to be brutally honest about why we might not actually want to do the thing we know we should.

Doing the right thing is important even though it is often difficult. Doing the right thing sometimes means putting others before ourselves. Doing the right thing often involves forgiving actions. Doing the right thing requires a desire to rise above and look beyond past hurt and injustices.

Knowing what the right to do is and actually doing it are sometimes two very different things. We must avoid self justification to avoid putting off the hard work required of us to accomplish the right and just thing. We must put away expectations and do it because it is right, not because we expect personal gain from it.

Doing the right thing is acting in ways we hope make a difference, even if we never see the result. Doing the right thing is about facing challenges with integrity and grace. Doing the right thing just plain hurts sometimes. It can require unwanted sacrifice.

But doing the right thing, makes us better. It makes us wiser. It teaches us the true meaning of strength and the true meaning of respect, for ourselves and for others most in need. Doing the right thing, makes us less judgmental of what we do not understand.

While it is not always easy, and is sometimes very confusing, in the long run, doing the right thing will put us in harmony with ourselves. We may not recognize it while we are in the mist of the hard work, but doing the right thing will ultimately give us comfort and bring us peace because doing the right thing frees us of regret.