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Heavy exhausted limbs, plodding slowly through the muck and mire of life’s harshest undeserved term of imprisonment.

An over exerted torso, slogging along absent of direction, longing for meaning and in search of hope.

A tired mind, confused and beguiled by the deceiving charm and unmatched wit of others more interesting and inspiring.

The potholed road, a confusing unmarked path of disorientation filled with hidden pits of sorrow and despair.

A journey of misdirection, a thoroughfare of the absurd, intersecting with the ridiculous, lacking reason and all meaning.

An excursion into the insane, filled with crazy twists and downward spirals, leading to agonizing endlessness.

A vengeful route of ruthless vague unstoppable abuse, blotting out beauty, thriving in agony.

Ponderous feet, weighted by grief, motivated by pride, trudging, pushing, moving forward despite powerful forces of opposition.

Brawny gumption determined to face the depth of the unknown with clarity of purpose, purity of faith, certain of grace and believing in light.

A body unwilling to surrender to dishonorable forces of malicious ill intent, stimulated by the challenge of overcome the impossible and beat the odds.

A soul buoyed by a resilient spirit, flexible enough to withstand the most difficult trail, rising from pain, stronger and more fortified, ultimately thankful for the arduous journey.