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I’ve said this before and generally it’s true, that I don’t like to make my blog political. I am however, having a very difficult time since our most recent mass shooting in Oregon. I’m having a hard time because this is becoming all too routine. Honestly, I can’t even keep track of them anymore and no matter your personal stance on gun control, you have to admit that it’s beyond ridiculous.

My stance on gun control is simple. Less guns..not more. Now, before all the gun lovers out there go crazy that I said that…just listen to me…please.

First of all, just because I’m not a fan of guns and just because I’d like to see less of them on our streets and in the wrong hands, does not automatically translate to…me wanting to repeal the second amendment. But, whenever anyone even attempts to broach the subject, they are immediately ambushed for wanting to change the constitution and then the entire conversation gets lost and there is absolutely no hope for a reasonable discussion.

I know some people’s answer to the gun violence question in this country is to add more guns and I want to be able to listen to their argument without judgement, but in truth, it’s difficult because I find this argument utterly absurd. When you are trying to put out a fire, you don’t throw gas on it, right? But, when I fail and I often do, to listen to this side of the issue, then I become the one who shuts down any possibility to discuss an issue that desperately needs to be discussed.

So, there it is…the vicious circle we find ourselves in…the black and white…the entrenchment. And we cannot begin to solve the problem of gun violence in this country if we cannot even have a reasonable debate, a meaningful conversation, some kind of compromise and meeting of the minds.

I don’t pretend to know the answer. I suspect that it is complex and that the best solution would be something that everyone finds just a little objectionable but until we get to the point where we can actually listen to each other, respect one another’s viewpoints and be reasonable…nothing…absolutely nothing will change and innocent unsuspecting people, just going about the business of their day, will continue to be murdered…continue to be slaughtered.

We can blame politics but when push comes to shove, we have to blame ourselves. Because we allow this. We elect and re-elect people who are unreasonable. We elect and re-elect people who hold fast to party lines and refuse to budge. We make them fearful because we tell them that they will lose their job if they try to compromise. We can blame politicians but we better take a long hard look at ourselves first because we are the ones putting them in office.

As a nation, we need to step back, let go of preconceived ideas and work together for the betterment and safety of one another and we need to do it now. We need to relearn the importance of the art of compromise and we need to elect a government, a body of people, who can carry out this art. It is the only way our country can move forward…no matter the issue.