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Life is full of challenge. Life is not easy. No one escapes life’s indifferent cruelty. Life is also full of joy. Life can be beautiful. Everyone has the opportunity to experience life’s grace. One of the ways to get through the pain and difficulties in order to get to the joy, is to have yourself a pity party.

A proper pity party is a no holds barred full on festival of tears. It’s all about a good old fashion ugly cry face and a box of crumpled snot filled tissues all over the floor. It’s about getting your shirt wet with the salty water that pours from your eyes. A proper pity party is full of body shaking wales of anguish.

There are a few rules for a proper pity party. A proper pity party is time limited. It requires a bit of disciple because you have to know when to stop. A proper pity party is occasional. It is not a day to day way of life.

The importance of a proper pity party cannot be under estimated. It leaves you feeling refreshed. It clears your mind and opens your heart. A proper pity party washes away fear and makes room for faith. It changes your outlook and actually gives you hope.