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Either everything does actually happen for a reason or we find reasons why everything happens but either way, it’s important to know that the things that do happen, have much to teach us.

I was recently asked what the biggest lesson I have learned from having sarcoidosis has been. It took me only a split second to answer that question. The biggest thing I have learned is humility.

So, did I get sarcoidosis for this reason, to learn humility? Or was learning humility a byproduct of getting the disease in the first place?

I actually have no idea of the answer to that question.

I do know that when I strip away all the fear and frustrations of having this disease, I am glad for the lesson and I suppose that is what is truly important.

Humility has taught me not to judge what I don’t understand. Humility has taught me to be a better listener. Humility has taught me my place. It has taught me that in the grand scheme of things, I am a speck. I am tiny. I have learned that strength comes from being meek. I have learned I am anything but in control.

So, did my getting sarcoidosis happen because I needed to learn these things? Or, am I the one who created the reason? The truth is, it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is that I be open to whatever lessons await me, whether they are happening on purpose or not.