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I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea…that we are more than one thing. We are not easily defined. We evolve and change in our thinking and understanding of the world around us all the time. Our interests change and our intellect grows the longer we live.

It’s easy to label ourselves as one thing or another but I can see already in my own lifetime that I have been a daughter, a student, a professional and now I am untimely retired and writing a blog.

I have been healthy and now I am unwell. I was physically strong once but now instead, I have a mental toughness too powerful to break.

We are adaptable. We are constantly changing. We are not stagnant. We are so much more than the labels that get put upon us or the ones we accept for ourselves. This is especially important to remember when are you diagnosed with a chronic, life changing disease.

Sometimes we are one thing for awhile but as times change, circumstances often transform us in unexpected ways. If we are open to it, these changes can have a positive effect on us and we can become freed from the burden of self as we learn and grow and adapt to our new situation…whatever that might be.

We are inevitably altered by life’s journey. We are complex. We are colored and redefined by our experiences.

We are more than one thing.