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We might not all be artists. We might not all be writers. We are not all quick witted.

All of us are not equipped to be great warriors. Some of us lack physically strength.

Many are not overly educated or even eloquent with the spoken word.

An intellect might thirst for knowledge and a soldier for strength.

A writer might brood over words and an artist lament over color.

It might be worthy to contemplate the inner workings of the world.

It might be brave to have the courage to fight for this ideal.

But the real measure of a person is found in their ability to bestow compassion.

Compassion requires its own strength and is its own art form.

Compassion does not require a powerful intellect but it does require a great heart.

Compassion is the one thing we all hunger for.

Compassion is the one ideal that artists, writers and the ordinary can share.

Compassion is the bond the holds humanity together.