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question mark

I wonder why people go on to speak after they say, “It goes without saying…”

And why do people speak at all if this is the case?

What’s up with shooting wild and endangered animals for sport?

Will we ever really know what happened to Flight MH-370?

When did news become speculation instead of fact?

What is wrong with holding hands in public?

Why do other people become so uncomfortable with MY sarcoidosis?

I wonder why people don’t realize Donald Trump is crazy.

When is the right time to buy a new car?

Why do southerns fry everything they eat?

When I tell people I am a vegetarian, why do so many of them ask, “But you eat chicken and fish, right?”

Why do some people go “comando” and why is called that any way?

Will there ever be a car that flies and what will become of roads when it does?

Does everyone have sleep apnea?

What would I do if this were the last day of my life?

Why do I persist in writing a daily blog?

Who will be the next President of The United States?

How will I die?

Why do dogs sometimes eat their own poop?

Why do people talk louder when they are a cellphone?

And I am still wondering when slippers became fashionable footwear for public places…This one really keeps me up at night!