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I can’t stand it when I hear people say that they “suffer” with a chronic disease. Okay, maybe some people really do and I don’t want to judge another’s experience. I guess, what I hate is to hear people say that about me.

Do not feel sorry for me.

I don’t suffer. I choose to live.

My life is altered. I have learned the arts of modification and moderation. I’m okay with that so long as I am still enjoying my life.

I don’t suffer.

I have pain. I don’t always know what the day will bring. I get tired. I can’t breath but I live.

I don’t suffer. I choose not to suffer.

I choose to live.

There are things about my life that have changed. I no longer do some things I love. I can’t sing anymore. I have no air. I pick and choose how to use my energy now. I can’t do everything I once did.

But nothing can restrict my joy unless I allow it to.

I refuse to suffer.

My disease gives me a unique opportunity to learn new things and relearn old ones in new ways.

Sometimes I have to give things up and certainly, I grieve those things. I’m not unrealistic about my disease.

But I don’t suffer.

I choose to live.

I can see my disease as the bane of my life or I can decide to grow from the experience.

I decide to do the latter.

I don’t suffer.

I choose to live.