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Is it freedom from injury?

Or perhaps it is a state of wellness.

Is it feeling fit?

Maybe it is to know happiness.

It is most certainly eating your veggies!

But, it is also having a strong spirit.

Are you healthy if you lack infirmity?

Or, is having a balanced outlook more important?

Physical strength is a sign of health but it is not the whole story…

Because using your creative abilities is good for mental health.

And, enjoying life is the key to all our health.

A sense of purpose is important to good health as it keeps the mind active.

But connection to friends and family keeps loneliness away too!

Oh, and sleeping enough makes you feel so good!

Getting regular exercise has to be on the list as much it might suck!

Being realistic keeps expectations in check and helps us find balance.

But of all the ways to define health, keeping a sense of humor is crucial.