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A confusing, whirling, mix of unexplainable emotion, twisting and bending with the tide of time.

Forever for the lucky, whose hearts are filled with the glory and bounty of its giving.

Elusively slipping the grasp of the unfortunate, leaving caustic stains on the souls of the bitterly empty.

Mysterious and alluring, yet healing and therapeutic when given and shared without expectation.

A true, pure warm embrace of tenderness and grace, welcomed to those open to receive it but shifty and evasive to the reluctant and walled in.

Giving without hesitation, assuaging loneliness, curing alienation, mending brokenness and changing lives in surprising ways.

A sneaky, bewildering passion rising and falling like a stomach dropping carnival ride.

Intense and doting devotion of unparalleled measure, needed like air.

The secret ingredient for a happy and fulfilled life.

Love…love…love…ridiculous love…