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There are times in my life when I feel like I have been trapped in a cocoon that I will never get out of. At first it is comforting and warm. It feels safe. But over time, I realize that it is actually a paralyzing place of monotony and boredom. I feel rooted in repetition and stagnation. I start to lose my sense of adventure and purpose and life takes on a tedious dull aura. It’s hard to be in the cocoon when I realize that it isn’t safe anymore. I start to feel like I can’t breath.

Eventually I realize that it becomes time to shed the once welcomed shelter of my encasement, and get myself out of whatever rut it put me in. Sometimes, this is a scary prospect because even though I feel suffocated by the comfort of my routine, I also have no idea what will become of me when I let it go.

But generally even if I find myself lost for awhile, pushing my way through those cocooned walls of a safe but dull existence, gives me a feeling of new hope that anything is possible. No longer hampered by the stifling nearness of those cocoon walls, restores my ability to see things more clearly and renews my sense of gratitude that life is actually an ever changing beautiful bounty of unknowns. Opportunity awaits me and I become free to create a new path.