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Every now and then life kicks you in the behind. It sends you into the strange uncertain place of darkness and misdirection. Life puts you in a pit.

You hate the pit. We all hate the pit.

The pit is deep. The pit is a hole filled with confusion, a ditch infused with disorder and as you look at the height of the walls of the pit, you feel like escape is insurmountable.

The pit makes you sigh. The pit makes you roll your eyes. The pit isn’t a place you want to be and there are times you aren’t even sure how you have come to find yourself here…in the pit.

You know you’re in the pit because you’ve been here before. You’re not unfamiliar with its dangers. But, because you have been here before, you are not afraid, frustrated maybe but not afraid, because you know the pit has value.

The pit teaches you critical life lessons. The pit makes you stronger. You’ve come to accept the pit as a necessary part of life but you also realize that it takes work to get out of the pit and that if you don’t do the work, the pit will eat you alive. It will fill you with depression and consume your heart.

The pit can be a scary place because the pit is not just a deep hole, it is a maze of doubt and misgivings, walls that lead to nowhere. But, just like any maze, if you’re willing to put in the effort to find the end of it, you will be rewarded. You will find light and meaning again.

You realize that as much as you loath the pit, you also need it. The pit provides a strange, disquieting respite during times of transition. The pit gives you the opportunity to change your thinking or the course of your life or both.

The pit is important.