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“Listening is loving…”

             -From: Hector And The Search For Happiness


When I heard the quote, “listening is loving”, I was struck by it, so I wrote it down in order not to forget it. It seemed somehow deeply important to remember it. I did not know why it spoke to me so completely at the time but now that I’ve given it more thought, I think I do.

There are a lot of ways to let those around us know that we love them. We can say it. We can hold their hand. We can give them a hug. We can encourage them when they are down.

But when we listen to another person, we are giving up our self centered world and making that person a priority. When we do this, entirely and completely, something profound happens. It inspires trust and understanding and immediately brings us closer to that person.

Listening is a skill. It takes practice to make ourselves fully available to another person in this way. We must empty our preoccupied mind, be quiet, lack judgement and pay attention. Because of the level of effort involved, truly listening to another person must therefore come from a place of love.

To truly listen, we must concern ourselves less with our own reply than with the message we are receiving. We must put the needs of another before our own and in this incredibly self involved world we now live in, doing this is certainly an act of love.

Listening entirely and fully, not only allows us to hear the words another person speaks but to know their emotions which then allows us to know them more deeply.

Listening is loving because most people can’t do it and when we do it, the other person notices it and appreciates it for what it is…an act of selflessness and acts of selflessness are full of love.