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To bounce back…To be tough…

To find strength…To overcome…

To endure…To preserve…

Resilience is an important tool in the sarcoidosis survivor bag of tricks. Resilience allows us to redefine ourselves in new ways. It gives us the fortitude to withstand the uncertainties of an unpredictable disease with grace.

Resilience offers us an opportunity to recover from our misfortunes in a more commanding form. We learn just how resistant we are to the power of pain. We learn that we are not defined by our disease but by the choices we make because of it.

Resilience helps us redefine our failures through the lessons we learn and it pushes us to forget yesterday and look ahead with hope that tomorrow will be better.

Resilience teaches us to be courageous, especially when we don’t want to be. We are made more flexible. We come to appreciate adaptability. We greet our limitations with good humor.

Resilience allows us to grow and change and mature. It gives us the option to know our truest self and be grateful for our strength of spirit.