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This weekend, I celebrate seventeen years of marriage with a great guy and a wonderful partner. In honor of that and in no particular order, here are seventeen reasons I am still madly in love with the man.

  1. He is nice to me
  2. He introduced me to Old English Sheepdogs
  3. He has been my champion with the “in sickness” vow
  4. He encourages me when I fail
  5. He makes me laugh…a lot
  6. He is more handsome now than the day we met
  7. He challenges me when I am wrong
  8. He communicates well
  9. He keeps me warm and dry when life is stormy
  10. He calls his parents every weekend
  11. He is my compass when I am lost
  12. He never makes me feel alone
  13. He has a calm moderating nature
  14. He does not shy away from hard work
  15. He picks me up when I fall
  16. He has a strong faith in what he believes
  17. He never lies

We tricked the world, defied the odds and found each other.

Happy Anniversary Honey!