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He rises before dawn with tired eyes to an alarm that beckons him to work and without complaint, he trudges off to the office for a long day away from his girls.

After a prolonged absence, weary from another day’s employment, he returns home full of grace. A smile on his face.

Never thinking of himself, he puts us first and eagerly he asks, “Did my girls have a nice day?”

When the weekend comes, it’s his time. The girls and I focus our attention on the man that gives us the best life anyone could ask for. We do our best to dote on the man who sacrifices time away from us to provide for us.

But beyond the material provisions, the true hero of my house is the man I love because, his grace and care lift me up. His almost unconditional love is as close to perfection as any human heart can offer.

His strength is his faith. His resilience sets an example. His quiet kind nature gives me serenity.

I write a lot about my girls and how they motivate me, how they give me strength but the real hero in my house is my spouse because in truth, I’d be lost without him.