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So, I made the stupid mistake of trying to have a reasonable conversation with unreasonable people recently. About what doesn’t really matter except to say that it involves a recent news event and is a complex issue. These unreasonable people were being far too simplistic about it because they were only willing to see the issue through the filter of their own experience.

And oh brother, I was slammed! I was told I was everything from plain ignorant to downright stupid for simply asking people to open their minds to the complexities of the topic at hand. They refused and the more they refused, the angrier they got. I suddenly realized how scared and how terribly unhappy such people must be in order to be so closed minded, to not even be willing to have a rational conversation.

It’s okay to disagree. It’s fine to have differing points of view but it’s less than ideal to entrench yourself so far into that point of view that you lose your ability to be civil, let alone reasonable. I just can’t understand why people are so deeply divided about almost every issue and why people completely refuse to open themselves to a deeper understanding of one another.

What happened to balance?

What happened to moderation?

When did being tolerate and understanding become a fault?

When did diversity of opinion become cause to demoralize those whose life experience has been different from your own? How can I possibly know what another person’s experience is when I’ve not actually tried to walk in their shoes?

When did it become okay to judge others without the facts?

When did it become okay to judge others with the facts?

And, when did opinions become equal to facts?


Would somebody please tell me where all the reasonable people have gone?