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I’ve been told that I am wise. My mother told me that I am an “old soul”. Maybe that’s true. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I would be lost without the wisdom of others. Other people are far smarter than I am. Other people have insights I don’t have because of their varied life experiences, and I’d be foolish not to learn from them.

It is very easy for me to get lost in my own life. I think that’s probably true of most of us. Our day to day journey preoccupies us and consumes us. Sometimes it’s just trying to stay ahead of daily chores. Other times it’s trying to manage a crisis. Still others, it is simply trying to meet the needs of our family.

But when I feel overwhelmed by life, by my disease, by the physical or emotional challenges of accepting a “new normal”, it behooves me to seek the wisdom of other people, to get a fresh perspective.

Seeing myself through the eyes of other people, helps me see myself better…both the good and the bad. When I see myself better, a few things happen. I stop obsessing over whatever ails me. I start to think differently. I can see answers I could not see before seeking the wisdom of others.

If you try to battle your way through this life alone, it will be a terribly painful journey.

I talk a lot in my blog about being a fighter. And, it’s true. I am that. But I don’t fight alone. Whatever challenge I face, I know that I need an army to help me. I need the vision of other people. I value the intuition of other people. I cherish the wisdom of others to see my way free from worry, dread, fear and self loathing.

I count the wisdom of others as one of life’s great blessings.