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I’ve heard people say that what we affirm is what we become and the same people have some times told me that looking at my disease as a fight, something to be battled, impedes my healing and that I would be better served if I affirmed that I am already healed.

I find such remarks condescending and I respectfully disagree.

To affirm that I am already healed would be a lie. I am unwilling to be dishonest with myself about the realities of what I face. It is unrealistic to tell myself I am healed when I rise every morning only to take inhalers and pills. It is unrealistic to tell myself that I am healed when I rise every day to a cocktail of various discomfort or dare I say, pain. It is unrealistic to say that I am healed when I may very well be on a low dose of chemo for the rest of my life.

What I believe and what works for me is to be brutally honest about my situation and I don’t think doing so is in any kind of direct conflict with maintaining a sense of hope. Hope comes from truth. Hope grows from truth. Hope does not clash with reality even with reality can occasionally seem grim.

I would like to be well. Anyone with a chronic condition would be and when someone makes an assessment that affirming being well will provide healing, it’s simply naive. Perhaps even ignorant.

Now, I am not saying that being positive is not a benefit to our health. Of course it is. It’s a needed ingredient to our mental well being which in turn has a positive impact in our physical health. That being said, managing the pitfalls and challenges of life with a chronic health condition is a complicated process.

You need more than the right attitude. You need the right doctors, the right medications, the right diet, the right exercise plan and the right will to fight.

In order to do more than just survive life with a chronic condition, you need be tougher on the inside than on the out. You need to be battle ready. You need to stay on high alert, never allowing yourself to falter because the moment that you do, the war is lost.

To affirm that I am healed is without merit. It’s excessive. It’s false. It’s inaccurate.

To affirm that I want improved health is far more authentic. It is truthful and that is where real healing comes from.