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Life seems to be a series of unpredictable events, some powerfully life affirming and others equally demoralizing.

We have goals, we make plans, we dream big, all while silently dreading those things we cannot control.

Life is like pea soup clouds and dreariness at times, while others it is full of the gleaming light of a bright beautiful sun.

We cannot always know when the storms will come. They are frequently unforeseen but even when we are able to ready ourselves for them, they can destroy everything in their path.

The other side of every storm forever changes things.

But not unlike living through a tornado, despite the devastation, we manage to rebuild our lives. We find our way through grief and change and loss.

And as we rebuild, we are made stronger. We are better fortified for the next challenge, the next tempest.

Each squall teaches us better survivor skills. We learn that when the storm passes, life is made more precious.

We are no longer fooled by the quiet before the next storm. Instead we come to appreciate it for the reprieve that it is.

Life is changeable. Life is full of challenges. Life is unpredictable. Life blows hot and cold.

The only way to weather these storms is to accept them as part of what makes us who we are.