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Spending time in the land of “What ifs” is a daunting place to find yourself. There is nothing tranquil about it. It’s filled with unexpected bends in the road and potholes too deep to fill.

The land of “What ifs” has strange light. It is dark most of the time with sudden flashes of bright, white hot uncertainty. There are no rainbows or sunbeams in this place.

The land of “What ifs” has neighborhoods called “The Unsettled” and “The Unsure”. Housing in the land of “What ifs” doesn’t cost you any money but make no mistake, lodging in the land of unknown things carries a very heavy price.

That price is your serenity.

It’s hard sometimes not to visit this dubious place. Fear and worry are tricky. They can sneak up on you and carry you there before you even realize you’ve landed in this strange community.

The land of “What ifs” is frightening. It is a vast wasteland of scoured earth. It’s easy to get lost in the land of “What ifs”. It’s full of one way streets and cavernous dead end roads. And much like that mouse in a maze trying to find the cheese, it can be a long daunting task to get yourself free of the place.

This land I speak of is obscure. It is full of uncharted territory. It’s a mysterious place filled with ambiguity. It’s not a place convenient for long term living. It’s full of black clouds and is polluted by the acrid smell of fear. It’s overcrowded by dazed and confused zombie like faces.

This land of unknown things is a frequently visited locale. Toured by many terrified and unhappy travelers. It’s a hard spot to avoid and from time to time, life drags us to this uneasy setting against our will.

While there are several routes to this place of unknown things, the land of “What ifs”, there are only few ways out. If you find yourself in this nearly unbearable place, look for a street called “Hope” or an avenue named “Faith” because these are the roads that will most certainly lead you away from the gloom of the unresolved and toward a place of light and comfort.