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Self Seeking…



To be preoccupied by one’s own life can be a disease of its own.

We all suffer from it to varying degrees at certain times in our lives.

Some people have a more “chronic” version.

You’ve met one of these people when they never ask how you are.

When I get like this, I stop listening.

I start feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

I become an absolute dullard.

Blah,blah,blah…enough about me now let’s talk about me and so on and so on…

I’ve been self occupied lately.

I can feel it. I don’t like myself for it.

Not everything is about me. In fact, most things aren’t.

What’s the treatment for self occupation?

It’s pretty simple really.

Be self aware…

Recognize the signs of forgetting that there is a bigger world all around you…

Be honest that you’ve found yourself in this uncomfortable place and…

Start practicing humility.

So, enough about me…let’s talk about YOU!

How are you today?