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Okay, so usually I love my dog’s vet. He’s really smart. He’s really patient with this “helicopter mom” and he doesn’t charge outrageous prices.

We took Abby in at 6 am today to be spayed and much to our surprise and dismay they told us to call around noon for an update (not the surprising part) and that we could pick her up between 3 and 4 pm…SURPRISE!

Now I know Zoey is 12 years old, and I know the times they are a changing, but same day surgery for a dog hysterectomy…especially a dog Abby’s size! Really? Wow!

So, I called around noon, after neurotically watching the clock all morning. You see, normally I would not worry about this type of surgery for a dog. It’s all very routine. But remember, Abby has sub aortic stenosis so I stay in a constant state of worry about her health and well being…”helicopter mom”.

At 3:30 pm we went to pick her up. It was a nightmare. First, there was someone new at the desk. He didn’t quite seem to know what he was doing and generally I’m okay with that if someone is new in their position. You’ve gotta cut people some slack sometimes. But he went to get Abby before he checked me out. So she comes out, completely zoned out of her little doggie mind, glassy eyed and walking like a drunk sailor only to lay down in the lobby.

While I am paying, my husband (who thankfully was home from work today and came with me) was gently trying to get her to respond. She was passed out! After finally getting me checked out correctly, he forgot post op instructions and pain meds (I had to ask for both), “New Guy” comes over to help my husband get Abby up.

He brings over a padded sling and puts it around her…RIGHT OVER HER INCISION. Well that woke her up long enough to growl and show her teeth. Poor thing! After calming her down again, my husband and I took over…this was clearly going to be a do it yourself job!

I stood over Abby and thrusted one paw in front of the other ever so slowly and ever so gently and basically walked for my dog all the way to the car. Ridiculous! Should they really be letting her come home in that condition?

Getting her in the car was a challenge but getting her back out once we got home…WOW! It took us 20 minutes to get her to agree to get out and then I had to walk for her again paw after paw, stopping several times so she could rest, until we were able to get her flopped on her bed in the family room.

She’s passed out now and I hope she is comfortable but the incision looks raw, as any new incision would and she’s clearly going to have some problems with pain as she begins to wake up.

It’s going to be a long night! Normally she sleeps upstairs in the bedroom with us but I don’t see that happening tonight. My guess is that I’ll be flopped on our lumpy couch all night with one ear open, making sure she is still breathing and not licking her incision…”helicopter mom”.

I feel a flare up of my disease headed my way once I know she is truly recovering. But I’ll do just about anything for my dogs…”helicopter mom”!